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January 10, 2009

Video: Unarmed Palestinian-American Activist Confronts Israeli Soldiers

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A clip from a Korean news show:

I could never, ever do that.

This is an extreme case of “information via internet.” Is any of this information reliable? Who knows?

According to Juan Cole:

She is being identified by my facebook friends as Huwaida Arraf, a Detroiter married to Adam Shapiro, a University of Michigan Poli Sci graduate, and a founder of International Solidarity Movement, a nonviolent activist organization.

A comment on the Youtube page:

This is the town of Balin near Ramallah. Every week a demonstration is held there protesting the wall being built around the town. Usually with heavy presence of Israeli and western peace activists.

And sadly, although the protests are usually peaceful, there are multiple cases of rubber shots wounds and suffocation of tear gas every week.

This video is not new, it was shot at least one year ago.

Eurosabra, in Feministe’s comments, says that the red tape on the soldier’s magazine cartridge indicates that the gun is firing rubber-tipped bullets.

David Nett, in Juan Cole’s comments, writes:

What strikes me in this is how casual the soldiers are as the aim and prepare to fire. Clearly they are in no imminent danger — as they are being confronted by the brave girl, they are not taking cover behind rocks or barriers. They are standing in the open, up straight, on top of a rock in one case, and carefully taking aim to fire at the demonstrators. Their body language is clear — they are not afraid for their own well-being. And yet, absent this girl’s intervention, they seem to have no reservation about casually firing into a crowd that poses no threat to them.

Of course, as I’m sure people will point out, the Israelis could have done far worse than they did — they did not shoot or beat Arraf, they were using rubber bullets, etc.. I don’t believe that “they could have done worse” is the appropriate measure, however.

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