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January 6, 2009

Many Cringe When They See How Their Article Was Edited

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I was reading an article called “Size Doesn’t Matter” by Samme Chittum, published by Diversity Woman. The article doesn’t seem to be online, alas.

The article is solidly pro-fat, which made it strange that, rather than using the word “fat,” Chittum used “plus-size.” I dislike “plus-size” for the same reason I dislike “overweight”; the term implies that there is an objectively correct size over which people shouldn’t go. Fuck that shit.

Then I came to this passage (emphasis in original), and realized that Chittum wasn’t to blame:

While many cringe when they hear the term plus-size, Wann, Lyons, and other activists believe it is time to take back the f word. “A lot of people don’t like the term overweight because it assumes weight is in itself a problem,” says Lyons. “Using the term plus-size has been very freeing for many women.”

It appears the editor missed the point — but found the search and replace key. Yipes.

UPDATE: And from elsewhere in the same article:

Outside the office, she performs as a belly dancer and helped organize the first Plus-sizeitude Festival, sponsored by the National Association to Advance Plus-size Acceptance (NAAPA).

Plus-suzitude? Puh-leeeze!

The weird thing is, someone did edit closely enough to change the “F” in “NAAFA” to “P” — apparently they don’t mind getting the name of the organization wrong, but they do want the acronym to match.


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